Smart Tab Saver is back again! – v1.3.0

31 Ene

Hi all,

Smart Tab Saver extension is back again! Now in the version 1.3.0 🙂. It is a Chrome and Internet Explorer (Edge) extension I made in 2018 to have some functionalities that other extensions of the kind did not have, like data synchronization, allowing me to have all my URLs in any PC with the extension installed. For those who do not know about Smart Tab Saver, it watches over the Chrome/Internet Edge navigator Tabs to reduce memory footprint helping also to have a cleaner and a more organized tab bar. See more at

In those moments I didn’t have time to maintain it, so I disabled from the store. But a few weeks ago, I decided to recover it because I still don’t like fully other extensions, so I fixed some issues that users told me before and put an extra effort to improve it, changelog at Today is ready and published finally in the Chrome Web Store again. [appbox chromewebstore ddgaamifhjnehgppihfdbbddfemfnmhn]Give it a try! I hope you will like it! Feel free to suggest any improvement or idea 👂 you would like Smart Tab Saver to have by sending an e-mail to or by a comment in this post.


Stay tunned and also check evolution in extensión Facebook Page, Twitter or web.

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