JavocSoft Android Toolbox – Monthly Update (24-11-2015)

24 Nov

Hi all,

JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library

After a few weeks i have acumulated changes that fix a few things and improve a bit the library JavocSoft Android Toolbox. From now i will wait until i have enough changes before upgrading it. In this update there are changes related to location service, SQLite module and fixes to the ToolBox itsef. Below the list of changes:


  • ToolBox:
    • Lately I have been using notification button actions in some applications and  I realized that the method I had for it it wasn’t very good because I still had to code a bit. Because of this, I created a new method «notification_createActionButton()». Now you only need to pass some arguments and do not need to code nothing to get the action. Remenber that notification buttons are available since Android 4.1+ (compatibility classes are used anyway). Now is really very easy to create notification action buttons 🙂
    • If you get in an application this message in the logcat:
      Choreographer(abc): Skipped xx frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
      You have a problem that need to be solved because it can be a perfomance problem in your app, you may be doing to much work in the main application UI thread.
      To help solving it, there is a new method «» that enables Android StrictMode warning logs and appropiate actions so you can locate the source code responsible of the bad perfomance.
    • There is also a new method «threadIsMainApplicationUIThread()» that returns TRUE if the current thread is the main application UI thread.
  • SQLite:
    • DBHelper. Added update methods «updateWhere()».
    • SQLite. Fixed a bug in DBSQLite in the method «onUpgrade()». The bug made updates to do not be done.
  • Location Service:
    • Now logs only are printed if the debug mode is ON.
    • Now location updates are discarded if is the same location or if the distance between location (appbox amazonapps using Haversine formula) is minor than the minimal distance threshold.


I hope this changes help you a bit more using JavocSoft Android Toolbox 🙂

Do not forget to check the blog to get more updates!

More info and HowTo at https://github.com/javocsoft/javocsoft-toolbox/wiki.


As always, library is available on GitHub



JavocSoft 2015.

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