JavocSoft Android Toolbox – Big Update (15-05-2015)

15 May

Hi all,

Finally i have finished with the last changes in JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library and it is ready on the GitHub repository!. As a brief:

  • There is more functionallity through a lot of new methods.
  • Notifications have been updated to last Android code 5.0+. NotificationCompat is used so now, all posibilities of a notification are implemented (actions, progress bar, priority, visibility and more).
  • GCM Module is updated with the new notifications posibilities allowing to customize more the notifications.

I am still preparing Google Maps v2 integration to put a map in your application with a few lines of code, i hope i can put more time in this to finish it.

JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library


I put here the detailed changes:

  • ToolBox, Notifications:
    • Finally, migrated to NotificationCompat builder 🙂
    • Now the notification title, ticker, content info and large icon can be customized.
    • Priority and visibility implemented, for Android 5.0+ API Level 21+.
    • Implemented big style expandable notification for Android 4.1+ (API Level 16+).
    • Implemented notification actions for Android 4.1+ (API Level 16+).
    • Implemented, for Android 4.0 API Level 14+, notification progress bar (determinate & indeterminate).
    • A new class ToolBox.NotificationProgressBarRunnable has to be extended to create your own long term process.
    • Implemented RemoteViews in notifications.
    • Method notification_generate is maintained for backwards compatibility (it uses also NotificationCompat).
    • New method notification_create that allow to customize completely a notification.
  • ToolBox, Added some more utility methods:
    • device_getOSCodename
    • device_getExtraInfo
    • application_packageName
    • application_packageInfo
    • application_nameInfo
    • application_certificates
    • random_HASH
    • random_UUID
    • random_getRandom
    • random_getSecureRandom
    • gson_linkedMapAsList
    • storage_readRawResource
    • storage_readAssetResource
    • media_getDrawableFromRaw
    • media_getBitmapFromResourceId
    • media_getBitmapFromAsset
    • media_getBitmapFromRaw
    • media_getBitmap (looks, in order, for the resource in Drawable -> Assets -> Raw -> URL)
    • Some media methods to get bytes from a resource image.
  • GCM Module now supports:
    • All ToolBox notification changes. Note: Priority is set to DEFAULT and visibility to PRIVATE.
    • Customization parameters (all these parameters should be set in the data object when delivering the notification to
      the devices in GCM) are:

      • notificationId
      • notStyle
      • title
      • message
      • ticker
      • contentInfo
      • bsTitle
      • bsContent
      • bsSummary
      • bsImage
      • bsInboxStyleContent
      • bsInboxStyleLineSeparator
      • bslargeIcon
  • Added a new TextView component (widget) that allows to show HTML tags.
  • Added a JSON Gson proccesor instance. It gives you a singleton with pre-configured gson processor for a normal process, and, if desired, the possibility of use an excluding «transient» attribute JSON processor and also one excluding properties without the Exposed annotation.
  • Added official PRNG Fix class to Android with API level minor or equal to 18 (Jelly Bean) for JCA or OpenSSL PRNG.
  • BUGFIX. In some devices (depending also of Android version) the flip effect runs laggy. Added a a new flipTransition method that allows to specify to check if the current device is one of reported laggy devices (like LG G3 or Nexus 5). In case is a laggy device, depending of the parameter «enableFadeForLaggyDevices» a fade effect is used as animation instead the desired flip or no effect is applied if set to FALSE.
  • BUGFIX. crypto_getHASH() function. Hash was not correctly generated.
  • BUGFIX. Fixed a bug that made the recived text not be showed correctly if character encoding was not latin.
  • BUGFIX. GCM. Fixed an issue with the event of Notification received. No context was returned. This could make an application to crash if used.
  • BUGFIX. Toolbox. Fixed device_getOSversion. Returned info was wrong.

As i said, these are a lot of changes because i have been implementing all notifications related stuff and quite busy at work so i could not publish until today. I think now the libreruy is more useful. I now that i still have to improve some points but i am already in it so have patiente.

As always, I hope these changes could help you a bit more than before.


Do not forget to check the blog to get the Maps integration update!

More info and HowTo at https://github.com/javocsoft/javocsoft-toolbox/wiki.


As always, library is available on GitHub



JavocSoft 2015.

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