JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library Update

Hi all,

There is a new JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library ready on the GitHub repository!. It has taken
quite long to get finally an updated and tested version but now is ready again. This version comes with some interesting updates like:

JavocSoft Android Toolbox Library


  • Google Play Services integration for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), AdMob and
    (the GCM module has been rebuilt, maintaining the previous usage with some minor changes in usage).
  • CMTInfoHelper. This class allows to download automatically the CMT official short-numbers information. This will give you the possibility of knowing the owner company of a given short-number.
  • Facebook Login and Share fragments to easily integrate Facebook options into an application.
  • Google Analytics Campaign Measurement integration.
  • More utility methods to the Toolbox class.

With this update all implemented Google Play Services are very easy to set-up into your app. Give it a try to:

  • Improve your application by adding GCM, AdMob or Analytics functionalities.
  • Simplify your application code by using the utility methods of the Toolbox class.

More info and HowTo at https://github.com/javocsoft/javocsoft-toolbox/wiki.


As always, library is available on GitHub




JavocSoft 2014.

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